Welcome to FloridaSawfish!

Dedicated Exclusively to Florida's Smalltooth Sawfish
Pristis pectinata Latham, 1794

Many thanks for the hundreds of people who have reported their sawfish sightings and captures since we began this project a number of years ago. Without you, we would not have been able to begin to understand Florida's smalltooth sawfish, and we have been able to publish three scientific articles using your contributed data. Our project would not have been possible without your help!


Thank you for your interest in Florida sawfish (Smalltooth sawfish, Pristis pectinata Latham, 1794). Very little is known about these interesting fish. To learn more about them, we have been collecting information on sawfish in Florida since 1998 and have the most extensive database of sawfish occurrences in the state. We circulate and maintain posters around the state that ask for anyone that has seen these fish to contact us via phone, e-mail, or this website. Because so little is known about sawfish biology, the main goal of this website is to provide a means to report sawfish encounters to researchers like us who can use the valuable information to gain a better understanding of sawfish in Florida. Secondly, we aim to provide scientifically accurate and up to date information on Florida's sawfish for interested non-scientists in a way that can be easily understood. Lastly, we aim to alert fellow marine biologists to the purpose of our ongoing study, and to encourage communication as interest in sawfish biology increases.

We need information on captures/observations of Sawfish in Florida waters, and elsewhere.

If you or someone you know has captured or seen a Sawfish in Florida waters and elsewhere, please call or email:

Jason Seitz, Marine Biologist (New Cell) 352.281.4685
Email: floridasawfish@yahoo.com

Gregg Poulakis, Fish Researcher (Home) 941.473.8089
Email: gregg.poulakis@gmail.com

Or write:
Jason Seitz, 5330 SW 82nd Terrace, Gainesville, Florida 32608

Your information is vital to the study of this rare and little-known fish species. Your Help is Greatly Appreciated!